Saturday, 2 May 2015

Thread Theory Camas blouse finished.

Thought I better share my Camas blouse from Thread Theory.  I did have a couple of problems with it, mostly my own fault, but now where I know where I went wrong, I think it will be a really useful pattern for me.

I apologise for these photos, for some reason I either look petrified or half asleep in them and I thought I was smiling too.

Anyway, the pattern is by Thread Theory which mostly provides sewing patterns for the males in our lives.  I haven't tried any yet, but with two teenage sons and a hubby, they look rather appealing.  Anyway I spied this and really liked it as it is very like a rtw blouse that I have and get a lot of wear out of.  It is designed for knit fabrics, but the yoke can be sewn in woven fabric, which gives you loads of possibilities - also a good way of using up those little odd ends of fabrics.

The knit fabric I used is Geometric Bliss Knit, spherical buds in aqua which I purchased in The Village Haberdashery, it would appear that it is sold out though.  It's a lovely weight although I did have some tricky issues with it.  It basically crept as I was stitching on the placket, even though I had interfaced it with knit interfacing and had it really well pinned.  So instead of the placket being longer at the bottom, the main body ended up longer.  I ripped it out twice and it still kept happening, so horrors of horrors I had to trim the hemline to make it fit.  If anyone can tell me why & how I avoid this I would be very grateful.  I have sewn a lot of knit garments and that has never happened before.

The woven fabric I used was a white broderie-anglaise-fabric from Clothspot.  It wouldn't normally be a fabric I would go for, but it seems very poplar this year and I thought a little bit, in the form of a yoke, would be fine.  It is lovely fabric and very nice to work with.

As I intimated in my last post I made a faux-pas initially and stitched the collar facing on the wrong way and as I had accidentally used an extremely small stitch, it was a tedious nightmare to undo.  If it seems to go on perfectly you have probably done it wrong, there is meant to be easing to make it sit flat.  The pattern states it clearly, I was just rushing.  I got there though and it was worth it.  I'm happy with the way it turned out and I really like my buttons which I bought locally.  After the previous problems I wimped out with buttonholes and just stitched the buttons on through both plackets.  As it's knit fabric, it works fine and it's a good fit.

I wore it on Day 1 of Me-Made-May and it was lovely and comfy, I think it will be made again, perhaps in the autumn.


  1. Great Camas! The color is lovely and I like how you've used the lace/eyelet for the yoke! I am thinking of making a Camas with a woven yoke- what a great way to use up scraps!

    1. Thanks Meg, yes it would be a good way of using 'leftovers'. Some Liberty would be nice with a plain jersey. (for those who like Liberty fabrics)