Thursday, 30 April 2015


Incredibly it is the last day of April, therefore tomorrow is the 1st of May and another MeMadeMay challenge.  It seems to have come up rather suddenly this year for me, but I aim to take part and this is my pledge:

I, Jen of sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15.  I endeavour to wear me-made items each day for the duration of May.  My main task will be to decide on a capsule wardrobe for the summer months

Last year I shared my experience of my summer ten item wardrobe and in the autumn I extended that to the project 333, so I have a total of 33 items in a three month period.  I did this from September through to the present and it has been an amazing experience.  I have been amazed at how little you really need.  Whenever I started this journey of downsizing I couldn't believe that Courtney had so little (sometimes less than 33 items) but having been through it twice now, I totally get it.

I am still purging clothes and recently got rid of some of my very first makes.  I loved them at the time, they got great wear and now they are being sent to another place.  They were invaluable to me as they were my learning curve for sewing, so they have served their purpose.

To the charity shop, out with the old, in with the new!

Merchant and Mills dress shirt, said Bye Bye to. Made 3 years ago.

This one has also gone, might make a new one though.
So yea, lots of stuff has gone.  Styles change, we change, clothes get worn but that's ok.

So let's see what MeMadeMay brings forth.  If you would like to part you can sign up here.

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