Saturday, 16 May 2015

Me-made-may '15, half way through.

Day 3, Tilly & the buttons, delphine skirt, Made-by Rae Josephine blouse.

So, half way through May and more importantly Me-Made-May.  This is my third year of taking part in Me-Made-May and my fourth year of sewing.  I have personally gotten different things out of taking part in Me-Made-May every year.  There is obviously the inspiration of seeing what others have made and what patterns they have used, thus adding to the list of 'things I'd like to sew', there is also the inspiration of seeing what fabrics people have used and the new releases of fabric designers.  It sounds potentially vain, but it's also good to see your own makes in photo form, after all there is nothing like a photo to bring home to you how something looks on you, good or bad as they may be.  I also love seeing the background of photos, what people are up to and seeing different countries.

Anyway, incredibly I have gotten to the stage where an awful lot of what I wear day to day is me-made.  That was certainly not my intention whenever I first put scissors to fabric 4 year ago, but that's what happened.  So this year, for me, my main reason for taking part was to use May as a time for putting together my Project 333 for the summer months (June-August).  This is where you have a total of 33 items for 3 months and this will be my 3rd time doing it.

So for Me-Made-May there has been a bit of a mish-mash of garments, some were dragged out that hadn't been worn much for various reasons in an attempt to decide whether to hang on to them or not, others are stalwarts.  Normally I wouldn't be wearing completely different things every day for a whole month, so it's a little bit unrealistic.  Interestingly, I haven't liked it from that point of view, I have too many clothes in my bedroom and I can't wait to get back to my 33 items.  I'm definitely hooked now.  So, I won't bombard you with all of my outfits, I will just pick some of them.

Day 1, had to wear my newest make, the Camas blouse by Thread Theory

Day 9, Merchant and Mills Top 64 & handknit cardigan

Liesl & Co Cappuccino dress in Liberty Lantana, one of my current favourites.

Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke skirt and linen top from Lisette/Butterick 6182
Me-Made-May definitely 'encourages' you to make more of an effort, I'm trying to wear skirts more often and this one is a favourite.

Day 14, Merchant and Mills Camber dress
I like this pattern in the top format, but somehow I hadn't worn this dress very much.  I realised there are three reasons for this, firstly I'm not fussy on the colour of the fabric (a bit too much lime green), secondly the fabric is itchy and third, it was an unflattering length on me and now I have taken three inches off it and I think it's better.  It's amazing how the length of a garment can make a big difference between flattering and unflattering.  Overall, the jury is out on this one.  It has a surprisingly high neckline, so if you're making one for summer, I would advise making it in a lovely soft, comfortable fabric.

The last hoorah for the Wiksten Tova.

I dug this one out, I've worn it a fair bit (I also made another dress and top) but have decided the style isn't really me, it certainly doesn't go with my flare jeans.  Bye, bye Tova.

See- Me-Made-May is a good way of making you realise what works and what doesn't, it's all good experience anyway.  Anyone got any black bin bags?

Let's see what the second half of May brings.

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