Sunday, 13 September 2015

Merchant and Mills Fielder Top

 So this is the first of my autumn makes, it is the The Fielder top from Merchant and Mills.  It is based on the easy going style of the sweatshirt, so is a pretty relaxed style, except it is made in woven fabrics instead of stretch.  The only stretch part is the ribbing around the neckline, waist and cuffs.

 I had purchased this beautiful patsy double gauze fabric from Merchant and Mills intending to use it for the Fielder, but decided it was more a spring/summer fabric, so I chose to use the lovely Nani-iro fabric (jewel-song-pocho-yozora) from misformake. (I see they have sold out for now)  It is a steely grey with metallic dots which have a slight pink tinge.

I love these double gauzes for spring/autumn, because although they are fairly light weight, there is a cosiness to them.

 I got the ribbing from Merchant and Mills and it is a lovely quality, in this case I used the grey which goes really well with the Nani Iro.

The pattern itself was very straightforward, the sleeve is in two pieces and is raglan in style,

You can also make a dress version with in-seam pockets which could be a useful casual dress, might make one at some stage.

So, overall, I like it, it's a simple, casual style, probably more for the week-end or a more sporty look.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Last summer makes - the Merchant and Mills 101 Trousers and the Bettine dress.

So thought I'd better share a few makes as I haven't had the chance to blog in quite some time.  I made these Merchant and Mills 101 trousers just before we left for our late summer holiday in Cornwall (Sadly two very wet and misty weeks, boo hoo!)

They are drawstring trousers and the pattern has 3 options, tapered trousers, shorts and wide leg trousers.  They also have side pockets and a false fly.  After much deliberation I chose to make the size 14 and these are the tapered version.  They have turned out pretty baggy and way too big in the waist, but the one thing about them that just doesn't work for me is the depth of the crotch seam ... it is REALLY long.  Now I have never been aware of being short in that region in particular so not sure what's going on there.

The fabric is a stripe linen from Merchant and Mills and it is really lovely, just the right weight for a reasonable British summer.  They seem to be out of it now, I wish I had purchased some more.

Merchant and Mills 101 trousers with Liesl & Co Maritime tee.

Presently they are not the most flattering trousers I have worn, but I may give them another chance as if I get the fitting corrected I think they could be a comfy easy going pair of trousers which is what they are meant to be.  If I make them again I will go for the size 12 and  reduce the crotch seam substantially, maybe by a couple of inches.  They could work well in a more wintery suiting fabric with some drape.

The other thing I made was the Tilly and the buttons Bettine dress, I really liked the look of it when it was released, an easy throw-it-over-your-head, a scoop neckline, elasticated waist, optional sleeve tabs and, of course, the all important pockets.

I made mine in a teal coloured polyester/viscose suiting fabric from Clothspot, they describe it as a "softly draping cyan blue twill fabric" which funnily enough is exactly what it is.

I used a Liberty fabric, which matched the cyan perfectly, for my neckline facing, the pocket linings and the sleeve tabs

The Bettine is said to be perfect for beginners and with the excellent insructions that certainly is the case, but it's not necessarily the quick make that you might think, especially if you decide to do the extras.  It's amazing how much time it takes to make tabs (neatly and well, I hope)

I would say it is a neat-fitting style especially with the tulip skirt, I feel mine is a tad on the neat side especially in the shoulders, but it is a very easy to wear dress and I guess could look quite different depending on your fabric choice.

I think that's me more or less caught up, I think there were a couple of short sleeved Maritime tees in there too, but now I'm concentrating on some autumn makes and really want to get back to knitting.  I think my physio has done his best on my impinged shoulder so I might be able to manage it, as long as I do my exercises!