Monday, 25 May 2015

Merchant and Mills Factory Dress

So, I have had this sewing pattern by Merchant and Mills since it was first released.  I have always been drawn to their patterns and have made a couple of versions of the Dress Shirt (since departed as worn to death), 2 Camber tops, a Camber dress, a Top 64, and the Panel dress.  I do really like their style, but somewhere in the back of my head I wonder if their style is really me or suits my shape.

That's probably why I trailed my feet over making the Factory dress, but it is now finished.

I chose to use a denim shirting fabric by Croftmill and this fabric is really beautiful.  It's more on the lightweight side fr a dress, but not too light, it still has some body and is lovely and soft and great to work with.  They stock really lovely quality shirting fabrics and Pima cottons.

As I have very broad shoulders but narrower hips, I had a bit of a dilemma over the choice of size to make and with the pockets I wasn't sure of the best way to taper it in, so as expected the skirt part is probably a bit on the big side.  I think the size is a good fit in the bodice though.

There are nice design features in the pattern that do set it off, the breast pocket, the collar, the turn back cuff on the sleeve and the little pleats on the skirt actually give it more shape than you would think.

I chose my favourite Liberty fabric of the moment (Hampton wedding) for the pockets and for the collar facing which always looks nice, I think, especially with a plain denim colour

I wore it yesterday for the first and I 'm surprised at how much I like it, it's certainly very easy to wear and very comfy, would be light and breezy for very warm weather, double gauze or linen would be great for this pattern too.

So whether it is totally my style or not I'm not sure, but like all my Merchant and Mills clothing, I'm pretty sure it will get worn to death and that's probably a true test of good design.

I have just received their new book and I really love it, the  patterns, as always, look very simple in style, but have lovely little design elements that make them very professional and a great finish.  In particular some of the garments are cut on the bias which could really work for me.  I would call the style timeless, clothing that is classic and less likely to go out of date.

Some of my older Merchant and Mills makes.

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