Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Me-made-May '15, second half.

 So I thought I'd better report in on Me-Made-May.

I sort of gave up on flickr half way through the month as I had some trouble uploading photos, instagram was more convenient for me this year.  (I just started it at the beginning of May so getting used to it)

I managed to wear at least one me-made every day.
Day 17 Christine Haynes Marianne dress in merino.
 Can't believe I was still wearing a merino dress mid-May but the weather was wet, cold and very windy for much of May.
Day 18 Liesl & Co Cappuccino top
 The Cappuccino blouse has been getting a lot of wear from last September, love the style of it and love the weight and colours of the Anna Maria Horner rayon fabric.

Day 19 Wiksten Tova Dress in Liberty cord
I think I made 3 Wiksten Tovas in total, 2 dresses and 1 top, it's not a great style for my shape, but no way am I getting rid of this one because of the fabric, Liberty cord is so soft and velvety.

Day 20 Jennifer Lauren Bronte top
I really like the Bronte top, got a lot of compliments last summer when I wore it, so will probably make at least another one.

Day 21 Colette Laurel top

Day 22 Sewaholic Oakridge blouse

Day 23 Simplicity 1806 blouse

Day 24 Merchant and Mills Factory Dress

Day 25 April Rhodes Staple dress

Day 26 Liesl & Co Cappuccino top and Jamie Christina Sol Hoodie

Day 27 Lisette Portfolio Tunic

Day 28 Merchant and Mills Camber top

Day 30 Butterick 6182 skirt (Lisette), Maria Denmark Birgitte tee
This skirt is a newbie, not yet blogged, suffice to say (for now) that I really like it.

Day 31 Butterick 6182, Megan Nielsen Bansksia blouse in Liberty, handknit cardigan
Apologies for so many photos all at one go, wasn't very good at keeping up with the recording in May.

Again, I really enjoyed Me-Made-May, the sewing community are a great bunch and full of enthusiasm, it can only be motivating.

Thoughts on my Me-Made-May '15

Seeing so many photos of yourself really brings it home as to what suits you and what doesn't.

Even though I am meant to be reducing the clothing I have, I still have way too much clothing.  Of course when you sew, this is almost inevitable as there are so many beautiful fabrics and sewing patterns, clearly still need to work on self control.

Most of my wardrobe this year is either blue or burgundy, this is deliberate as I had a colour palette in mind (as per the into-mind workbook that I purchased in the New Year, it takes a while to work through, but I thought it was great) I suppose there is a danger of it all becoming boring, but with accessories I think you can make it all look different.

There has to be more purging, but it is definitely harder to part with clothing that you have made yourself.  If clothes don't suit you or fit well, you're probably better off parting with them, at least you have learned in the process.

I always have shoe dilemmas at this time of year especially, too early for sandals and boots are a little bit over the top.

I wore jeans a lot more than I thought, this was partly because of what my May 'activities' were and also the terrible weather.

I still would like to try trousers or jeans (proper ones, that is, not those with elasticated waists), jackets and cardigans.  Most of my me-mades are tops, skirts and dresses, so that gives me something to work on.

Overall, another great Me-Made-May, thank you Zoe again for organising it.


  1. Beautiful work! I love your Merchant and Mills pieces. I am hoping to start on one if their patterns soon.

  2. Beautiful work! I love your Merchant and Mills pieces. I am hoping to start on one if their patterns soon.