Thursday, 3 April 2014

Colour block Ensis Tee and some knitting.

Yes, I have just gone and made another knit top.  Yes, I know I wasn't meant to be doing as much of that this year, but they are just so quick and, of course, wearable, especially when you want to keep warm sowing seeds in a polytunnel in County Antrim.  Have I justified it yet?

Papercut Ensis Tee

So yes, it is the Ensis tee by Papercut which I thought by using my merino fabrics it would be more like a sweater and it is an ideal weight for spring.  I was able to use the royal blue leftovers from my Coco top and the bottom half is a lovely smooth feel red merino jersey (a bit like a ponte knit) so light weight but still cosy.

It is, however, more of a tee really but I think I could get away with wearing it over a tee shirt.  The pattern itself is very straightforward and actually very similar to that other well-loved jersey tee pattern, the Renfrew top from Sewaholic which I have made loads of.  This has the different pattern pieces for the colour blocking obviously which I suppose I could have easily done from the Renfrew, but heh. It also has another version with a slightly cropped sleeve and a curved hemline which would be lovely in a linen knit for summer.

As red and bright blue are two of the colours I will be wearing mostly this spring/summer, I reckon it will get a good bit of wear.

On the dress front, I have actually started making a muslin for a fitted type dress, so it might happen!

Start of a muslin for Emery dress.

I am attempting the Emery dress sewing pattern which is definitely a bit out of my comfort zone, but I am drawn to it, so fingers crossed.  It gets a bit confusing when you have broad shoulders, do you make a bigger size, do I adjust for shoulder width or do I need to do a full bust adjustment.  Eek, maybe it will fit first time.  Wouldn't that be great!

On the knitting side of things, I have finally got my sprig sweater started and I have done the yoke.  As this is only my second time knitting a garment on the round that is quite an achievement in itself.  I had meant to have it as a spring sweater, but heh, that's life.

Better get back to some seed sowing now.

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