Friday, 18 April 2014

An Easter Emery for sewdollyclackett.

New dress, an excuse for new shoes.

So I have finally finished my fitted dress, which was one of my Stitchy New Year Resolutions.  I had purchased the Christine Haynes Emery dress sewing pattern ages ago with a view to making a winter version but hadn't gotten around to it.  So when I saw the sewdollyclackett contest for Roisin's wedding which was organised by rhinestonesandtelephones I thought I would go for it.  I have been following the dollyclackett blog for a while now.  Her dresses are amazing and what a lovely way for us remote sewers to wish her all the best for her wedding to Nic in May. (especially as she hails from Northern Ireland, like mysef)

Now Roisin's fabric choices are, well.... a little bit 'off the wall' (I'm sure she won't mind be saying) and she carries the look off so very well.  I, on the other hand, although I wanted to get something a bit mad had awful trouble picking my fabric.  I do want to be able to wear it and it has to suit me.  So in the end I went for a floral cotton twill with a tiny bit of stretch in it.

The fabric was great to work with and the colours very appropriate for spring.  With it being a light twill I wasn't sure gathers would be the right thing for the skirt, so I decided to opt for inverted pleats.  Nothing like making life easy for yourself.  There was lots of head scratching and sum jottings but eventually I got it sorted.  It makes the skirt of the dress sit nice and flat.

I took the process of making it nice and slowly (another of my sewing resolutions, don't go for the quick-sew.... always).  The pattern instructions were excellent every step of the way and I even made a muslin to try and get a good fit. Aren't I a good girl? I ended up with the size 16 (must be those broad shoulders!) and I am delighted with how it fits, there are no other adjustments.

This was my first concealed zip on a dress and I couldn't believe it went in beautifully first go.

Stitching the lining up to the side of the zip.

I used a light chambray for the lining (a very pale blue) which seems to have worked ok.  Overall I really like the pattern.  I am much more experienced at dart sewing now and the little tip of decreasing your stitch length as you get towards the point of the dart works really well.  The darts do, of course, give it a great shape especially if you are more 'shapely' in certain areas.  I am now not so 'scared' to make more shapely garments, so that's good progress.  Sewing wise, fabric wise and style wise this dress is way out of my normal comfort zone but I actually really like it and am glad I tried it.  I think next winter I will definitely be making a winter version.  I did omit the bow... think that would have been a step too far, haha.

Understitching the lining.



  1. These are gorgeous colours on you.

    1. Thank you. Way different for me to wear something so floral, but I actually really like it. Good to move out of the comfort zone sometimes.