Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Me-Made-May 2014

So today is the last day of April, therefore tomorrow is the first day of May and the start of me-made-may14.  Last year was the first time I took part and I really enjoyed it and as a relative newcomer to sewing it was great to see so many lovely hand made garments being worn and all of the great style ideas.  As it is a worldwide thing, I also enjoyed seeing other countries and snippets of other peoples lives.

Whenever I started sewing I thought I would maybe if I was lucky be able to make a couple of tunic-type dresses, that's all I was after. The first item I made was the Wiksten tova tunic dress (pre blog so no photos - might show up in MMM) and when I look at it now it's not really that well sewn but I wore it a lot and loved it.  Next up I discovered the MerchantandMills dress shirt pattern and promptly made two of them, one in chambray and the other in Japanese flannel and the rest, as they say, is history... I had got the bug.  Now I am in a place where most of my clothes are handmade and that's what I mostly wear.  That was never really my plan, but now I just don't see the point in shopping for clothes very much now.  It's great!

Merchant and Mills shirt dress.

So this year I have been trying to slow down in the sewing and wear what I already have. I was also meant to be buying much less fabric and less patterns but am finding that rather tricky and also have a 10-15 item capsule wardrobe, as per Jennifer L Scott at The Daily Connoisseur. So what am I hoping to get out of MeMadeMay 14?

1.       Wear at least one handmade item every day (sewn or knitted)

2.       I have two abandoned unfinished items (a pair of trousers and a jacket) - I should resurrect them             and get them sorted.

3.       May is a busy month for me in the garden.  We aim to grow a lot of our own vegetables (some               years are more successful than others - we are 'fighting' off a rapidly growing population of       rabbits at the moment), - but some of my clothes might be a bit random on these days.  Will try not to look too shabby - note to self - think Alys Fowler, Sarah Raven, Rachel de Thame, they manage to look stylish in the garden! I will aim to have a photo every day (not sure if my sons will be as willing this year) as I think it gives you a gentle 'kick up the behind' to make an effort.

4.        My main aim is that by the end of the month I will have decided on my summer 10 - 15 item wardrobe. These are core items of skirts, blouses, trousers, dresses and sweaters (with extras of tees, cardigans, jacket and coats, that is allowed.) Weather will, of course, determine a lot of this.  There might be the last wearings of some winter-type things at the beginning of the month so there is a bit of a transition.  Yea it's that easy.


Will leave you with some gardening.

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