Saturday, 5 April 2014

Unsure about Top 64.

I deliberated over whether to do a post on this top or not as, well... for me, I don't think it works.  However, having learnt an awful lot from other people's blogs in my first year or so at sewing, I thought it only right to tell about the not so successfuls too.

The thing is I had such high hopes for this as a go-to everyday top with it's pockety glory. I bought it ages ago but was inspired to get moving on it by Amber and Jaime's beautiful versions.  So it is the Top 64 pattern by Merchant and Mills and I have made quite a few of their patterns, all in size 14 which is usually ample.  This, however, has turned out tight in the chest/shoulder region.

I used blue and chirpy green organic crossweave cottons which I really like, have used these organic fabrics a lot now and really like them.  They are easy to sew with, have a bit of interest to them although do crease a bit, but I don't mind that.

The style comes together very easily, the sleeve being a raglan style in two parts and the pockets are very straightforward.  Now it is overall definitely too small for me as you can see, so probably all I need to do is go up a size.  But even aside from that I suppose I should have realised that the style of it would only accentuate my broad shoulders.  That's those genes again!  I think really to carry off this style you probably need to have a narrower frame.

It is also finished by rows of top stitching on all the seams which definitely finishes off the look of it.

I suppose looking at the photos it's not too bad on me, maybe I will give it another go in a bigger size. We will see.  Certainly the pattern itself is great and with the separate pattern pieces for top and bottom you could go to town on different fabric combinations, just not sure it's for me.

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