Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Lisette skirt

I forgot that I hadn't blogged about this Lisette skirt as yet and, in fact, I have a little bit of a back-log of things to post.

Anyway, I had wanted to sew a skirt, with what I think is a bit of a 70's vibe, for a while.  So, whenever the new Lisette patterns were released under the Butterick line, I really fancied the skirt on B6182.  (Mind you, I pretty much liked all four of the patterns)  It is a skirt with an A-line, a deep front pleat, side front pockets and an invisible zip at centre back.

I wanted a fairly neutral fabric, so that I could wear it with a lot of different tops and eventually chose a pale blue soft washed denim from  It is quite a light blue, paler than the photos on their website, just what I wanted and perfect for this skirt, as it not as rigid as some denims.

B6182 skirt worn with Maria Denmark Birgitte tee

The back has an invisible zip closure, so a nice neat finish.

The pattern, in general, is very straightforward, there is nothing really tricky - the most difficult part for me, especially with a skirt, is deciding on which size to make.  I do have a bit of a tummy these days and my hip measurement is comparatively much less, so I did have to do a bit of 'blending'.

This meant that I had to shave a bit off the sides of the pockets, so they have turned out more narrow than they should be, but I think it looks fine.

B6182 skirt

I'm not sure if I went about that the right way, I probably still could have had the wider pocket, but I should have thought more about it before I cut my fabric!

The other thing was that I should have used a heavier interfacing on the waistband - I thought mine was a heavy one, but it is tending to roll over a bit, but it's nothing major.

This is the sort of skirt that I would call a classic, it would look good in a variety of fabrics, if you wanted summer colour one of these wax print cottons would look really good.  I think it would look great for a work skirt in navy or camel or white (for the summer, although it's very difficult to find good quality white fabric, I think)

So far I'm getting good mileage out of this pattern and I might even think of the dress version of my top, which incidentally I like, but should have made a couple of inches longer.  It is quite cropped - just thought I'd mention that.

B6182 top

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