Monday, 10 March 2014

The Camber Set dress pockety style.

So having made the Camber top from Merchant and Mills a couple of months ago, I thought I would give the Camber Set dress a little try.  The fabric I used is 97% wool, 3% spandex which I got at in their sale.  It is basically a light weight wool with a tiny bit of stretch and was a joy to work with.  I would have been a bit nervous on working with wool previously (I suppose because it can be pricey and I don't want to make a mess of it) but now that I have done a few projects using wool I can say that I really like it.  It is easy to cut and very easy to sew with.  Anyway back to the fabric - it is navy, green & sort of limey beige check (would have preferred it to be more white).

The dress has the same neckline details and back yoke, but is a little more shaped than the top.  I cut the 14 and gradually reduced to a 12 from just under the bustline and I am very happy with the fit.

I also decided to add in-seam pockets to the dress - it's just nice to have them, I think.  The beauty about the Merchant and Mills patterns is that they appear to be very simple and classic in design. Don't let that fool you though, they are not to be rushed.  Though there certainly is nothing difficult in them, I think it pays off to take your time on the details, like the bias on the neckline, getting the yoke just right, the darts and even the top stitching details.  They are definitely the type of patterns you will return to again and again especially if you like the simple, classic styles.

I think this is a great work dress and extremely comfortable, but it would be great in the summer made in double gauze or linen fabric, especially if you were travelling somewhere hot.

I think it is maybe slightly long on me, I might take it up about an inch. Length of clothing can make the difference between flattering and well.... not so flattering.  It's all a matter of taste, I suppose.

My twelve year old informed me that the belt didn't quite work and you know I think he may be right.  Think it's better worn plain and simply. Excuse the shadowy photos, but I guess that must mean there is sun around.  So what do I think of the Camber dress?  If you want a simple, classic style dress, then this is it.  Honestly, on me, I don't think the neckline is really right for my shape, I think I prefer a lower neckline (it really is quite high) but the rest of it is great.  I have worn it and will continue to wear it and it is really ideal for this time of the year with a cardigan or jacket over it, but I think I prefer it as a top.

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