Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cosy Jasper dress

So, the first make of 2016 is a super cosy merino knit dress.  The pattern is the Paprika patterns Jasper sweaterdress which calls for a fabric with little to no stretch and with a bit of body, such as fleece or sweatshirt.  The fabric I used is from and is a thicker, sweatshirt weight, although it probably has more stretch than is ideal for this pattern.  I think if you are making the hoodie, it's more important to have a fabric that will hold itself up.

I obviously chose View B which has a roll collar with a button epaulet to hold it in place, ideal for this time of the year.  You also have either a sweater or a dress option and I chose to make the dress this time, but I definitely fancy the sweatshirt at some stage.

It has a great shape overall due to the princess seams and the single welt pockets are set into the side seams.  There are two overlapping size sets to this pattern, depending on bust measurements and cup size, all of this covered in the pattern instructions.

There are also great online 'how to' tutorials for a number of the processes, including making the hood and the single welt pockets, all very clear and thorough.  Overall it's a great pattern and I think you get quite a lot from it.  It's a very cosy dress and has been getting quite a bit of wear.  If you like warm, knit dresses, then this is a great one.  Paprika patterns also has the Zircon sweaterdress which has a funky geometric inset, probably will give that a try too.  So, not a bad start to the year.


  1. Great dress! The fit is lovely, as is the color!!

  2. It is great. The collar looks smashing, s do those welt pockets. Great start to the year.