Thursday, 31 December 2015

So how did 2015 go?

Incredibly it's the end of another year and that time when we take stock of things.  My aims were to sew less (in quantity) but sew better and, in general, to have only items in my wardrobe that I love and get worn regularly.

So what did I make?

For the husband:

2 pair of Liberty pyjamas (for Christmas)
Pair of 3/4 length Thread theory Jutland trousers.
Liberty shirt

I enjoyed making the Jutlands especially, because I learnt some new techniques, such as sewing flat-felled seams, there were a lot of details, such as various types of pockets etc so there was a sense of accomplishment on finishing them, added bonus hubbie like them and they fit!

For myself

In total:

7 dresses
1 trousers
1 culottes
1 skirt
8 jersey tops
8 woven tops
1 jacket

So, in terms of quantity, I definitely made less, so that's good and I also took more time in finishing items.  The most successful makes were from Liesl & Co/Lisette, Merchant and Mills (the Workbook and individual patterns), Papercut and Sewaholic.  I haven't used any of the big 4 sewing patterns for ages.

So which have been my favourites?

 -Two pussybow blouses.

Sewaholic Oakridge blouse

Sewoverit Pussybow blouse
-The Liesl and co Maritime top pattern - I made 4 long sleeve and 2 short sleeve!

- The Liesl and co Girl Friday Culottes pattern, pictured above and worn quite a bit since I finished them.

 - The Liesl and co Cappuccino dress pattern, made in Liberty Lantana fabric

 - The Lisette B6182 patterns

Worn loads during the summer.

 - The Haremere jacket from the Merchantandmils Workbook

There have been a few disappointments in that some of the items that I thought I would wear a lot just didn't get worn very much.  The OliverandS Gallery dress was one of these, I think I should have gone down a size, especially in the bottom half as it just feels too big and baggy, but I might try it again and do some adjustments.  The same with the Merchantandmills Factory dress, it just feels too big and baggy.

It hasn't been an easy year, started with my husband having a very nasty accident with a circular saw, which put him off work for six weeks.

He was lucky and thanks to a brilliant surgeon he came through not too badly.

Also, my lovely dad has been very ill and, unfortunately, we've been told that his condition has advanced with no further treatment options. (Prostate cancer)  There have been almost daily hospital visits as he has had repeated infections, so that has been hard.

I do, however, have an awful lot to be thankful for and keep optimistic for 2016.  The husband and I will both be 50 in 2016 and it will be our 25th wedding anniversary.  We hope to travel to Iceland in the autumn so lots to look forward to.  Both of us are losing weight, so might try making more fitted things in 2016.  It's also my eldest sons last year at school, so it could be a year of change for all of us.  I will have to go and make a plan now for 2016.



  1. Sounds like you have exciting times ahead. Looking forward to seeing your new makes in 2016.

  2. Happy New Year! Sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope 2016 brings lots of fun times :)