Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Plush, slinky, shiney .... maybe it's christmas!

'Tis the season for being jolly, having some christmas cheer and generally socialising, maybe a little bit more than normal.  Not having any formal occasions, as such, I felt there was still room for a little bit of wardrobe 'perking up', but kind of in a casual way.

I have had the Grainline scout woven tee since the summer, but hadn't got around to trying it.  Having seen a lot of tartan around the shops I though a nice tartan velour would do the job nicely.

I chose this cerise velvet spandex fabric from +Tissu fabrics which is a four way stretch fabric.  As Jen at Grainline had also done this tutorial for a knit version of the Scout Tee it seemed ideal as the velvet fabric had a great drape to it.

The pattern itself is a simple design, front, back, 2 short sleeves and a t-shirt binding around the neckline.  As I don't have an overlocker (as yet... Santa?) I used an overlock stitch on my sewing machine. The hem and sleeves were hemmed using a twin needle.  I like the design of the Scout, it has more of a loose, drapey shape, not fitted at all.  I will definitely be trying the woven version as well for the spring.

I also got navy stretch velvet as well to make some leggings.  I used the Tessuti Anita ponti pants pattern for them.  I had made them before in a lovely ponte jersey from Tessuti and loved the shape of them.  (They are not quite as narrow as leggings) I wasn't sure if the four way stretch would do as well for the pattern (saggy bottom ... not a good look) but I am pleased to say that it worked great, they are extremely comfortable and after a night out they kept their shape completely. I went down a size to a 12 this time and reduced the distance from waist to crotch by 1 inch and they are a much better fit on me. I just intended them as a christmasy pair of leggings, not really to go with the Scout tee, but I wore them together to a casual 'do' and it worked ok, I think.  The tee might be ever so slightly short with the leggings but I think I just about got away with it.

So overall a very inexpensive christmas outfit.  In the past I have spent quite a bit on 'christmas' type outfits and you don't get the wear out of them as maybe you feel you can only wear them a certain number of times, especially if you are with the same people.  When you don't pay as much, it doesn't matter too much.

I wouldn't normally be so 'showy' with the behind, just to show the shape of the Anita pants.

So there you go, think I will get good wear out of these two.  I also quite like the look of the velvet, the only slight drawbacks are that it is a bit slippery to stitch at times and it also does not keep the cold out that well, but great for nights out!

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