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2013 Stitching.

Christmas 2013

I received some lovely 'sewing' christmas pressies this year, the main one being an overlocker from my husband, a little sewing note book and vouchers to my local fabric shop Craftswoman in Carrickfergus. I am a very lucky girl.

So carrying on from my previous post a quick summary:

In 2013 I made:

For others - 6 items (mostly tops)

For myself -  2 skirts
                     1 trouser
                     2 leggings
                     13 jersey tops
                     4 tops (woven fabric)
                     3 jersey dresses
                     2 dresses (woven fabric)
                     1 cape
                     1 zip up fleece

Knitted Items: 1 cardigan  here
                       1 sleeveless cardigan here


- I sewed 35 garments. 21 in stretchy knit fabric, 14 in woven fabric
- I knit 2 garments for myself.  (Much less knitting this year than normal, probably because of more sewing, but I also too the time to learn some new techniques.)
- I tried to use fabrics that had predominately natural fibres, although not completely (some polyester crept in... eeek!)
- I bought far more sewing patterns than I will ever use. (apparently this is normal for sewists)
- I also bought more fabric & yarn than one person can use in a year and also live a normal life (but at least it will keep)
- I think I am progressing in sewing & knitting.. woo, hoo.

The above box is about a quarter of my sewing patterns (excluding pdf's)

- Even though I have loads of the 'big 4' paper patterns I haven't actually used very many at all, tend to use Indie patterns and mostly pdf's.  Not sure if this is a temporary phase or not.

- Also purchased more knitting patterns than I will ever have time to knit.

- I stuck to my colour spectrum as per Colour me Beautiful for fabric choices, apparently I am a Cool Winter.

- I am moving away from the quilting type fabrics that I started sewing with.  Even though there are some beautiful designs (some of my favourite are Amy Butler, Parson Gray, Anna Maria Horner & Kaffe Fassett) in fabulous colours I find them not quite as drapey.  Although good to see that some designers are producing more dressmaking-type fabrics now too.  Hope this continues.

- I have definitely made more 'knit' clothes this year.  This is partly because I thought there was some big mystique in sewing with knit fabric and felt it was something I should learn to do. (Turns out it's not that tricky) It was also because living in County Antrim there really aren't too many weeks in the year when you can wear those lovely light weight chambray, linens & cottons.... sad, but true.  Also, my lifestyle dictates what I wear, in that mostly I work from home in my job, I also do a lot of gardening & outdoor exercise so these kind of clothes are more practical.

- I bought very few clothes, last January bought a couple of items in the Meandem sale, beautiful merino cardigan and some trousers.  Also some shoes.

So what have I worn most:

Sewaholic renfrew tops (every sleeve length & every neckline, all fab)
Tessuti Anita ponti pants
Maria Denmark Day to night top (also in dress) ... very versatile & suits my shape.
Liesl & Co Cape (Great for the christmas run-up)
Deer and Doe Chardon.  I made this in a mad summery print (pre-blog) & wore it a lot in the summer.

The only thing that was a bit iffy was that dress from the Japanese Stylish Dress Book here although I did wear it in the autumn.


1.  For me taking part in MeMadeMay was amazing.  It was a great focus and motivation and the positive comments from others was really encouraging.  It also exposes you to all those other fabulous things that people sew and knit and other peoples'  blogs.

2.  Starting this blog - a big step, but so far really enjoying.  If nothing else it is a record for me.

3.  New patterns (some in paper form) from Merchant and Mills only acquired towards the end of the year.  These are the patterns I started sewing with so lovely to be back to them again.  Also some lovely patterns by Liesl & Co (some of my successes were with the Lisette patterns)

4.  I also discovered 'vintage' patterns on Etsy and found myself strangely drawn to the '70's.  What's that about?  Maybe because that was my mum's era, not sure.  Even though some are lovely I haven't yet attempted any.

Overall a pretty good year, I think, so next up my Sewing/Knitting/Gardening plans for 2014.

Bring it on!

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