Saturday, 17 January 2015

Winter Ten Item Wardrobe an first attempt at Project 333.

So I thought I would share my Winter Ten Item Wardrobe.  This is something I started in the spring and the idea comes from Jennifer Scott and her little book, Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris.  It seems very drastic, but I was amazed how well it worked, far easier to get ready in the morning and freeing up so much space.  I wasn't sure if it would work as well for winter, as there can be so many fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions.  I think the secret is having more options for layering in the 'extras', which are jersey tops, cardigans, jackets, coats and accessories.

Anyway, here's what I settled on for three months, mid November to mid February.

Item 1

Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress

Made in ponte jersey and very easy to wear.

Item 2

Lisette Portfolio dress

This pattern has gone out of print, it was one of the first items I mad.  It is in a gray wool fabric, trims are a Japanese flannel.  It is one for cold days.

Item 3

Grainline Hemlock tee pattern (free pattern)

I just lengthened the tee pattern to make it tunic dress length to be worn over jeans or leggings.  It is made from a heavier weight ponte jersey from Minerva.  Very cosy.

Item 4

Victory patterns Lola dress

I love this pattern, the different sections give it a nice shape and the pockets are great.  I made a plain navy one previously, which got a lot of wear.  This one is a wool based jersey from, again it is very cosy.

Item 5

Liesl and co pattern Cappuccino top

This pattern was an update on the Lisette Portfolio only with a V-neckline.  One of the great additions is that the instructions show you how to do full bust adjustments for better fitting.  I have worn this a lot so far.

Item 6

Maria Denmark Yasmin yoke skirt

Back in the spring I was wanting to make my perfect skirt and this is pretty much it.  I made it in denim so it's fairly neutral and hard-wearing.

Item 7

Tilly & the Buttons Delphine skirt (from the book Love At First Stitch)

My most recent make, an A-line skirt in pink viscose/wool fabric from ditto fabrics, a very cosy, less expensive fabric than boiled wool, I love it.

Items 8 - 10

Meandem Denim slim jeans
Meandem Gray jeans
Toast chinos.

Ten items doesn't seem a lot, but it's actually quite a bit.  I have taken it a step further with The Project 333, this is having a TOTAL of 33 items for 3 months.  This is meant to include even jewellery, bags, boots and shoes.  I started it mid November, but excluded jewellery and accessories (like scarfs) of which I have loads.  I really didn't think I would stick to it, but already I am seeing how simple and great it is.  When you take it down to the wire like that, you really have to love all your stuff and they totally have to work for your climate and lifestyle.

So other than my 10 items, I have 2 winter coats, 1 cape, 1 long knitted cardigan, 4 cardigans (2 of which I don't seem to be wearing very much, as they are too thick in weight, so they won't be in next winters), 2 blouses, 3 sweaters, 3 jersey tops, 1 sweatshirt, 1 sweatpants, 4 boots & 1 shoes.

Already I can see items that don't justify being there as they don't get much wear, so I will probably tweak this list to exclude them and add in a couple of accessories, handbag and jewellery next time round.  I think that's not bad for the first try and I am definitely hooked.

This has had an impact on my sewing pattern purchasing, fabric purchasing and sewing/knitting in general, in a good way.  It has made me much more selective in patterns and fabrics and has made me more particular in my sewing and that can only be good.

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