Sunday, 1 June 2014

Me-Made-May - the final week and a half.

So, was it just me or did May just fly by and, of course, Me-Made-May.  I only missed one day (unexpectedly had to stay with my dad as he had a fall) so that's not too bad.  I wore different things every day which does not reflect how I will be wearing my summer clothing.  It was an excuse to wear some things I hadn't worn in a while and also the first two weeks there were tail-end more wintery items which will be put away.  The idea, for me, is now to look at what I wore and decide on a capsule wardrobe for the months of June, July and August.  This I haven't done as yet, but will very soon so that will be for the next post.  So here are my final May outfits:

Day 22 - Colette Laurel & M & S trousers.

Wiksten Tova Tunic & black leggings.

Red bamboo jersey Briar & Tessuti Anita Ponte Trousers

Navy Camber top (Merchant & Mills)
Deer & Doe Chardon skirt
By Hand London Victoria blazer. 

Merchant & Mills Grandad Shirt (Tunic length)

Lisette Portfolio

Tessuti Laura Pants & bamboo jersey Sewaholic V-neck top

Top No 64 (Merchant & Mills)

Simplicity 1806 in Nani Iro Peaceful Cooing double gauze

Megan Nielson Banksia blouse in Liberty Travelling Threads Tana Lawn.
So most of my Me-Made items are tops or tunic dresses.  I have made some dresses, but most are jersey.  I have also made some trousers but again the easier type like jersey leggings or elastic waist linen trousers. I have only made one proper jacket (the By Hand London Victoria jacket) and it is slightly on the neat side.


1.  I do not need to make any more tops for a while, I have way too many really. (that's not to say I won't, of course)
2.  I need to attempt proper trouser making (although I do have those unfinished Clovers).  In particular I would like wide-leg linen trousers.
3.  Some hand-sewn cardigans would be a good addition, because I love knitting, I just seem to have less time at the moment to devote to stitch by stitch projects.
4.  I don't wear skirts all that much (maybe holidays) so probably shouldn't really be on my list of things to sew, but I keep being tempted by lovely patterns and indeed the Bluegingerdoll Peggy is almost finished.
5.  Most of my necklines are round - I should probably try some crossover styles, more shaping, wrap dresses and embrace my shape (haha)
6.  Even though I only started making my own clothes two years ago, I have made quite a lot, but let's be honest they don't all work, so I should be hard and get rid of those items.
7.  I would love to make a proper jacket or coat.  After all if I can make one for the hubbie, here, I should really be able to make one for myself.

But what a great experience taking part in Me-Made-May is and a great bunch of positive, lovely people.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I hope to share my summer capsule wardrobe next time (which I hasten to add will be a trial, we shall see)


  1. Oh you have so many wonderful colourful self-stitched clothes! Sounds like you really took away some useful lessons from the challenge. Thanks so much for sharing your documentation pics with everyone xx

    1. Thank you very much Zoe. This was my second year taking part and again it is a great fun exercise to do and a lovely way to 'meet' other sewing enthusiasts. A great network to be in and very inspiring.