Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Silhouettes for me - Wardrobe Architect.

I have really been enjoying the process of the Wardrobe Architect on the Coletterie blog.  Last week we filled out a chart including a matrix of elements to help determine what shapes make you feel comfortable and happy.

As a quick summary these were my preferences:

1. Ease - I like neither baggy/loose nor too fitted, somewhere in the middle.
2. Length - Dresses/skirts knee length, also wear tunic dresses at mid thigh length.
3. Fullness - Prefer straight or A-line, definitely not gathers or full skirts.
4. Waistline - Mid natural waist line.
5. Necklines - cowl, scoop, V, square, sweetheart, jewel.
6. Sleeves - Full, 3/4, sleeveless.

Boy it's not rocket science and yet last year I succumbed to so many patterns that just aren't me, like full circle skirts.  It's good to have this written down as a personal guide now.  You would think you shouldn't have to do this, but there you go.

So the next part was to decide on your own personal silhouettes.  Sarai split hers into fall/winter and spring/summer.  As the way I dress doesn't vary that much throughtout the year (I do live in Northern Ireland after all) unless we get a heat wave or we are on holiday, I kept mine general.

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