Friday, 17 January 2014

January Works in progress, polytunnel, Albion duffle coat and some knitting.

January can be such a forlorn month.  The trees look so dark and bare and, of course, rather than the thick snow that we have had in previous years everywhere is sodden. However it is the beginning of a new year and lots of positive thinking and planning.  So it's not that I haven't been busy... luckily it hasn't been too cold, so my hubbie and I have taken the chance to clear out the polytunnel, which performed rather well this year.  Most stuff had been eaten or is in the freezer waiting to be used up.

As we grew rather hungry crops like french beans and varieties of climbing courgette and squash this year it will have to be topped up with lots of compost and manure. (all organic, of course) so that will be the next job.  I will also have to take the time to wash all pots and modules and probably the plastic too.  Then by February the planning what to grow will start.  I try not to grow the same group of veg in the same place each year.

Apologies to those not interested in vegetable growing, this is as good a place as any for me to keep a record of my growing for the year.

I have been making as well though.  I am pleased with the progress of the Albion duffle coat for my husband.  I haven't been working for long periods at it, but it is a great pattern for dipping in and out of as it is beautifully broken down in to bite-sized sections, you can maybe do one in an evening, so it has been great that way.  So far nothing difficult, all really well shown in the pattern instructions, there are just lots of little bits to it.

The above shows the front pocket and the in-seam pocket.

Front yoke

My teenage son reluctantly 'modelling' the coat obviously way too big for him but fits his dad well, which is good.

"Please can I go back to my PS3 now mum?"

Anyway it is actually starting to look like a duffle coat now... Yeah!

Knitting wise, I am knitting a wee cardigan for my niece, nice to do selfless knitting now and again.

It is the girls V-neck cardigan here knit in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter dk yarn, lovely and soft.  On to the sleeves so nearly finished.

Better get back to that Albion as I want to start some sewing of my own... surprise, surprise.  In my resolution post here I said I wanted to make more fitted items with woven fabric.  I have a couple of functions to go to in February so the perfect excuse to make a dress.  At the minute, I am contemplating the Emery dress by Christine Haynes which is pretty fitted and looks as if it would suit an hour-glass (ish) figure or maybe the Hazel dress by Victory patterns.  (less fitted and probably a lot less challenging, but very nice.)  Both these dresses are out of my comfort zone so a good challenge. I will try to use from my stash of fabric, it will all depend on what time I have after I finish the Albion!

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