Sunday, 26 January 2014

Albion Coat is finished!

Yes the Albion coat is finished and I can't quite believe I have actually made a coat.  This pattern makes it entirely possible to do so for someone, like myself, who has no training at all and only started sewing less than two years ago.  It is an amazing pattern, although I would say you definitely need some experience, for example, setting in a sleeve and general knowledge of sewing techniques and how patterns work.

So amazingly the rain stopped for a while yesterday so I seized the photographic opportunity for my husband to do some nonchalant modelling.  (I suspect he has been looking at those lovely Toast catalogues on the quiet)

So here he is.

The 'demure looking in the distance pose'

The wonderful yoke and hood.

'See that wonderful cosy lining'

'Yes it even has in-seam pockets too'

I think it's safe to say that he is rather pleased with his new coat.

So a bit about the pattern then.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that because the instructions are broken down into sections it was a great dip in and out of type project.  Up until that point there had been nothing difficult at all, but then I go to the 'attach sleeve linings to sleeve shell' section.  Eek!  I had those sleeve linings every which way, inside out, right side out, literally every way imaginable and I could not figure it out.  I couldn't understand the diagram at all.  Went away had a cup of tea, came back and was able to do it first attempt of trying.  Phew!  Bearing in mind I have never made a coat before this is hardly surprising, but I would imagine that the sew-along will be very helpful for this.  Other than that the rest of it was fine.

So what did it all cost.

Outer fabric wool blend coating from Guthrie and Ghani 5m @ 14.50 = 72.50
Lining fabric brushed cotton from Calicolaine 3m @6.99                     = 20.97
4 Toggles from  4 @ 3.49                                        = 13.96
4 buttons from minervacrafts           4 @ 0.60                                        = 2.40
Total                                                                                                      = 109.83

Could you buy one for that?  I don't think so and sure it wouldn't be as special.
I made it in size Large and I started it just after Xmas so it took be about 4 weeks doing a section most days.
Overall my husband is delighted and so am I.  I would highly recommend the pattern.

But now I have some dresses to make!!

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