Saturday, 5 October 2013

An Airelle blouse and other works in progress.

This week has been a week of dipping in and out of a few different projects.  I completed a DeerandDoe Airelle blouse.  The pattern was purchased ages ago, with a view to making it for the summer, but I am only getting round to it now.

I purchased the fabric at a local fabric shop, Craftswoman, and it is a cotton poplin.  It is lovely and crisp and sewed up easily.  The fabric I used for the collar and cuff is a cotton chambray, which in retrospect probably wasn't the best choice, as it is very soft and almost seemed to stretch slightly. Either that or my interfacing wasn't quite right, as there is a bit of bubbling.

I also had a bit of trouble with the neck facing, it just seemed too bulky and just wound not sit right, so I ended up taking it off and finishing it with bias binding which worked fine.  I also stitched the side seams as french seams, as I don't have a serger I thought it would give it a bit more longevity.

Overall I like it, I don't tend to wear a lot of blouses, but I think this one is good as it can be made in a more dressy fabric and also can look quite casual with jeans.  I would definitely make it again and add a little more length next time.

Fabric:  Check Cotton poplin and cotton chambray.

Other works in progress this week have been the which I am making for my eldest son.  It is basically a hoodie but has the option of back pockets for his and hers enveloped hand warming..... how cute.  However, as he is only 15 and not wanting to encourage such shenanigans, I am omitting this bit.  Haha.

My other project this week is a sleeveless cardigan for myself, namely usually bring a nice easy knitting project with me on holidays and this was it this year.  The weather where we were in France and travelling back through England was, of course, brilliant this year and way too hot for knitting, so it only got started in September.

My Addi circular needles just arrived today, so all I have to do is pick up the stitches around the sides and neckline and knit the border.... nearly there.

I have also received my first sock knitting book from englishyarns, and have a couple of skeins of sock yarns on order too, so I don't think I will be bored.

Anyone know how to turn a heel, don't you love a learning experience!

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  1. This is a beautiful Airelle too. The colours suit you so well, it's very flattering. I've not got this pattern, but every version I've seen (yours included) looks so pretty.