Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

This morning when I looked out, the normal view of the hills had vanished, everything enveloped in a thick fog.  I guess it comes with the season, the good thing about this time being, of course, the harvest.
This is the first year since I seriously started to grow our own vegetables that nearly everything sewn and planted has done well.  I am chuffed!  Now what to do with it all, namely the courgettes and squash.  It's amazing how many courgettes are produced by one plant once they get going.

Maybe it is autumn and all the lovely burgundies appearing in the garden, but my autumn attire is reflecting this slightly.

Not exactly burgundy, more a fuchsia pink and blue.  I made this April Rhodes Staple Dress late August, it's great the weather is so mild as I can get a bit more wear out of it.  This pattern is lovely, a pdf download with very easy to follow instructions.  I got to use elastic thread for the first time, very well explained in the pattern, although I don't think it is at the right level exactly. I will modify when I make another one.  Overall very easy to wear, can be casual or more dressed up and, more importantly, can be winterized, by wearing a long sleeved sweater underneath.  I would say it is a good all rounder.
Looking forward to an autumnal Date night dress now.

Pattern: April Rhodes, The Staple Dress.

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